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Night life in Japan and call girls who earn Sh 30,000 per night

Fast. Expensive. Different. These are some of the words a typical Kenyan, or Nairobian would probably use to describe the night life in Japan.

In contrast to daytime when the streets are full and busy, Nagoya City in Japan bursts into life each evening, regardless of what time of the week or month it is, as I found out.

Once dusk sets in, people from all walks of life stream into pubs, night clubs and other entertainment joints to have fun.

Alcohol is much cheaper here compared to Kenya. The average price of a bottle of beer (although here it is served in huge glasses), wine or whisky about half the price you would pay for in downtown Nairobi.

Business of the flesh is also a thriving industry here and unlike in Kenya, call girls go about their business openly and freely without harassment by the authorities.

And by the way, prostitutes are both men and women drawn from diverse nationalities – Brazilians, Mexicans and  Japanese form the bulk of the industry that also has several Kenyans girls.

I was reliably informed that black men are in high demand by the women who trade flesh here in Nagoya.

Commercial sex workers wait for clients on the streets of Nagoya city in Japan. PHOTO | DAVID KWALIMWA
Commercial sex workers wait for clients on the streets of Nagoya city in Japan. PHOTO | DAVID KWALIMWA


Interestingly, most of prostitution business here are conducted through middlemen or agents. An “average” night out with a prostitute costs between Sh 20,000 and Sh 30,000, inclusive of various services therein.

The agents also work for the “boss” who pays them an average Sh 30,000 a night – which is probably more than most of the striking teachers in Kenya are paid in a month.

Then there are the strip clubs. These are quite popular here and to access one, a patron has to pay an equivalent of Sh 5,000 which is not such a high price to pay given that thereafter you will be entitled to drink as much as you can for two hours.

And for your company will be a topless lady, whom you’ll have to continuously buy drinks. I for one, watched in dismay as a Japanese lady drowned one tot of whisky worth about Sh 3,000 of my hard earned money!

With the best technology in the world found here, one can pay for services with a credit card. All this and much happens until day break, and then “normal” life returns to the clean streets of Nagoya