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Nikita Kering opens up about regrets over music label deal

Award-winning artiste Nikita Kering has candidly revealed her regrets about being signed under a music label, a decision that caused her anguish and led to a tumultuous year.

While she did not explicitly name the label in question, Kering shared her story in an interview re-shared on TikTok by @notlittlemaina.

Kering recalled advice from Sauti Sol’s Bien, who cautioned her against signing under a table and encouraged her to pursue her music as an independent artiste.

“When someone warns you about something, just listen. Bien about two years ago, probably he doesn’t even remember; he told me, ‘Nikita, just stay independent. Trust me, just stay independent,'” she recounted.

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Despite Bien’s advice, Kering admitted to seizing what she believed was a life-changing opportunity, entrusting her team to handle the contractual details.

However, she acknowledged the pitfalls of her decision, noting that not everything could be safeguarded in a contract.

“And I had a team. I was like my team is going to go through all these documents and seal it from start to end. But I was told something, you can’t put everything in a contract. There is always a loophole,” she confessed.

Describing the aftermath of signing with the undisclosed label, Kering revealed a period of complete depression and isolation, grappling with the consequences of her choice.

“And that’s how my year went. Complete depression. Knowing that a decision you made thinking that you’re big enough, smart enough to make it. We made it, and it was the wrong choice,” she lamented.

While Kering did not divulge specific details about her current contractual status, she highlighted the support of her family and team amidst the challenges.

“My mum did everything she could. My manager did everything they could. And then my friends were not there. No one could understand. I was just alone,” she shared.

Acknowledging her reluctance to vent online, Kering expressed her sober reflection on the situation and its repercussions.

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Despite the setbacks, she remains resilient and focused on her musical journey.


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In 2020, Nikita Kering signed a major recording deal with Universal Music (Africa) through A.I Music Kenya, releasing her debut EP “A Side of Me” containing hit singles such as “Ex,” “Where You Been,” and “Never Let You Go.”

Sauti Sol’s artistes were also signed under Universal Music until 2022.

The band signed a historic deal with Universal Music Africa (UMA) in January 2020.