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Niongoze safarini! Murdered teacher’s last TikToks are heart wrenching

Weeks before his death, Mr. Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, 47, would sit in his living room, staff room, or in his car and shoot Tikoks with catchy sounds.

Jamhuri Day marked the last TikTok he shot. 18 days later, Mr Nkeere was reported missing, and two days later, his body was found. Mutilated.

Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

On New Year’s Mr Nkeere’s mutilated body was discovered in a house belonging to a nurse in Nyamira County.

He was found hidden in a room used for poultry keeping, and his body was covered with a carpet.

Police had to break into the house of the Nyamaiya Health Centre-based nurse to access the body as she was not in the house at the time.

Before his senseless death, Mr. Nkeere’s love for gospel songs, country music and Rhumba shone through in his choice of sounds on the video-sharing app.

The teacher, by profession, shot many Tiktoks that are now an indication of his preferences.

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Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

It seems he was a country music buff and a fan of Don Williams. In several Tiktok posts, he lip-synced to the song, Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good by Don Williams and Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by the same artiste.

Most of his Tiktoks were shot in a staffroom with a stacked bookshelf as the backdrop for most video clips.

In another, he sang along to a popular love ballad, I Just Called To Say I Love You, a new year’s tune by Stevie Wonder.

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The popular lyrics of the song read, “No New Year’s Day to celebrateNo chocolate-covered candy hearts to give awayNo first of spring, no song to singIn fact, here’s just another ordinary day.”

Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

This verse is then followed by the chorus, “I just called to say I love youI just called to say how much I careI just called to say I love youAnd I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

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On December 12, 2022, Nkeere also posted a popular hymn titled Niongoze Safarini. The lyrics he lipsynched to was indicative of a premonition. He had also posted the same tune earlier on in the year on October 30, 2022.

“Niongoze safarini (Lead me on the journey) Mbele unichukue (And bear me there) Mlangoni mwa mbinguni (At the gate of heavens).”

Check out the Tiktok below.


♬ original sound – Lessa


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According to police, Mr. Nkeere was last seen at 9 am on Friday, December 30, 2022, the same day he was reported missing.

“We received a report from the teacher’s wife Gladys Bonareri Achoki that her husband was missing,” read a police report.

Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

“This is the same day when he was dropped by a boda boda rider at Egesieri village, West Mugirango location. A missing person report was circulated, and a search mounted, leading investigators to the house belonging to the nurse,” indicated the police report.

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The body of the deceased teacher was moved to Nyamira County Referral Hospital Mortuary, awaiting postmortem.

The police report further indicates that intelligence led the process to a nurse’s house within Nyamira town, where the body was discovered wrapped in a carpet.

Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

The body had started decomposing.

Investigations have since been launched.

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