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Nitarogwa! Samidoh warns trolls from posting his unfinished rental houses

Mugiithi singer has expressed fear after publicizing part of his wealth on social media.

A social media page identified as Digital Cops on Thursday, 16, 2023, shared an incomplete rental house allegedly owned by the Mugiithi artiste.

Samidoh first shared the photo in 2022 on his Facebook page.

The caption read: “Kenya Police Officer, Sam Muchoki, Samidoh poses on his upcoming Multi-illion Real Estate project. #IpoSiku. #JipeMoyo.”

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Responding to the post, Samidoh warned the page against offending haters who envy his success, and they might bewitch him out of pure jealousy.

He made it clear that one day the project would be done.

“Hehe bro nani alisema ni yangu?(Who said it is mine?) Maombi mazuri hayo ipo siku!. (Those are good prayers.) Utaamsha ulcers za ile kamati nirogwe bure. (Do you want to make my enemies bewitch me?)” Samidoh said in the comment section.

The rise of his stardom came with lots of opportunities to earn an income from recorded songs, streaming services, as well as shows and club appearances.

Despite being an artiste, Samidoh also receives a monthly salary from the government for his cop job.
Samidoh can also monetize his massive fanbase, which he uses social media to interact with his fans and promote brands that pay him a good amount of money.

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He also has a YouTube channel that brings him more than Sh200k since he has over half a million subscribers.

Samidoh also owns a high-end club named Mugiithi club in Nakuru.

The club hosts very powerful and wealthy politicians.

In 2021, Samidoh shared a sneak peek of his rural home with his fans.

The 34-year-old singer posted a photo chilling outside his house and captioned it:

“I am a village boy.”

Samidoh also drives a 3rd generation Toyota Harrier SUV whose prices range between Sh2 million to Sh5 million depending on the year of manufacture.

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