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Nitarudi soko in four months time – Viral Bomet groom, Amos Rono, says

By Freya Wanjiku December 13th, 2023 2 min read

Amos Rono, the viral Bomet groom who was dumped hours before his wedding over the weekend, has said that in three to four months, he will be back in the market.

Speaking after being awarded a four day vacation to Mombasa by Bonfire Adventures, Mr Rono shared that once back he will be searching his rib.

“I have come back to my senses and I’m continuing to see something positive happening to me. In three-four months time I will be back in the market again to search for my rib that God has prepared for me,” he said.

When speaking to the media after his wedding was cancelled, Mr Rono announced breaking up with his would-be bride Nelly Chepkoech.

“I have left her, and I hope that she does well in life or looks for another husband. I forgive her, and in the instance that she says she wants to reconcile… I have left her with a clean heart.”

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However, the wedding cancellation is embroiled by a myriad of issues, from who called it off to why.

Ms Chepkoech, when addressing the media after her story went viral, claimed that the presiding reverend informed them about delays in obtaining crucial documents, leading to a suggestion of postponement.

“I have not run away. Everyone was in tears, but some people are hurt. We were told the wedding had been postponed. We had planned the wedding since March this year. The reverend said we wait for the day. I am ready for the day that will be set.”

On his part, Rono and Pastor Clement Chalulot of Kapsoyo AGC Church, who was set to preside over the ceremony, the unexpected turn of events occurred when Nelly expressed reluctance to proceed with the wedding, citing a need for more time to decide on formalising their marriage.