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Njambi Koikai: No, I’m not dead, its all fake news

Kenyan media personality Njambi Koikai has reassured the public that rumours doing the rounds on social media platforms about her ‘death’ are not true.

Koikai is currently in Atlanta, USA receiving treatment for Thoracic Endometriosis, a condition which causes her lungs to collapse regularly.

In a message post on Instagram on Tuesday, Koikai assured her fans that she is well and continuing with her treatment.

“Kuna msee niliona alipost ati nimekacha (nimededi) mazee… Nataka tu kumshow mi niko poa sana siwezi nyuria hii idhaa. Niko tu poa infact nafikiria vile ntaanza YouTube channel niwashow 1000 ways to stay alive, have good skin and strong locs,” Koikai’s post read in part.

News of her good health excited her fans on social media.


“Watapata taabu sana. God Will always be with You Jahmby,” shixscarlett commented.

“Don’t I just love this strong amazing woman… waiting for your YouTube channel,” said evewilliams9.

“We need you in our society you are going nowhere hakuna ‘kunyuria’ as much as I wanted to curse the person with the fake news uou made me life with your caption… am catching up with your sheng,” 125_ck posted.

“You will live to testify of Gods goodness. Mshow hivyo. Its well sis,” agi_wamuchiri said.

“Looking good Jahmby Nangoja sana hio YouTube channel Kwanza hapo kwa good skin. Your skin is flawless,” amuthonii commented.