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Njambi: My hubby is cheating on me

Popular actress Njeri Gachomba, commonly known as Njambi, has publicly accused her husband of cheating on her and threatened to walk out of the relationship.

But Nairobi News could not independently verify these claims.

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress claimed on social media she’d received lots of ‘evidence’ from well-wishers incriminating her baby daddy.

To this, Njambi, who interestingly once played the part of a lady moving out with married men as an actor, disclosed she was ‘shocked behind words’ after finding out from fans that her hubby was spotted with other women including one who later confessed to having a great time.

One particular lady also claimed to have proof that she had been going out with Njambi’s man.

“Thank you loves for the receipts and evidence,” she said.”Me, I’m shocked beyond words. But I’m not the type of women who gets cheated on sits while preaching sijui marriage works. Me husonga nikisonga nikiwacha kivumbi. Continue sending me the evidence, all in all, we move on regardless,” she wrote.

The move comes just months after the mother of two went on social media to shower praise at her man, thanking her for raising a child he did not sire.