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Njenga Karume’s granddaughter who died for lack of hospital funds laid to rest

By Amina Wako October 15th, 2019 1 min read

The burial of the granddaughter of the late Cabinet Minister Njenga Karume is currently underway in Kiambu county.

The death of Michelle Wariara Karume, 25, made headlines after it emerged that she died begging her family members to cater for her medical bills.

Michelle, who succumbed to cancer on September 14, 2019, had on March 21, 2019 penned an emotional appeal for funds to the trustees of her late grandfather’s multi-billion shillings estate.

Michelle narrated how none of her family members was willing to pick her calls as she struggled for basic medication.

“The clock is ticking while everyday I sit by my phone to hear some good news on funds, but three months later I am waiting here; still waiting for my phone to ring, but in return I get less communication to a point nobody can pick up my calls,” she wrote.


From as far back as 2016, Michelle claimed, lack of funds saw her miss out on a clinical trial which could have arrested the cancer before it progressed further.

According to family sources who spoke to the Nation, the funds were provided in May this year, when it was already too late for her.

Michelle was the daughter of the late Joseph Karume Njenga, a son of the former Kiambu politician.

She was among the grandchildren that the late Karume had put in his Will as beneficiaries of his vast estate estimated at Sh17.8 billion last year.