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Njoka to present ‘The Beast’ to Uhuru

July 29th, 2015 2 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta has won praise from many Kenyans for successfully hosting US President Barack Obama.

These congratulations have mainly been in the form of words on radio, TV, Twitter, Facebook and newspaper columns.

But Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman Nderitu Njoka thinks thanking the Head of State this way is not enough, considering that this is the same man who has saved the lives of many men by ordering a crackdown on illicit liquor.

For this reason, Mr Njoka wants to transform the thanksgiving into action, action that speaks louder than words.

The chairman has bought two goats, one for President Kenyatta and the other for Deputy President William Ruto.


To make the gifts befit the President’s and his deputy’s stature, Mr Njoka has nicknamed Mr Kenyatta’s he goat “the Beast”, while Mr Ruto’s is “the Beetle”.

The Beast refers to Mr Obama’s official car while “the Beetle” refers to the Volkswagen Beetle in which the US leader’s half-sister, Auma, drove him when he visited Kenya in 1986.

“We are offering these goats to the President and his deputy for their great work. We will travel to State House to present them,” Mr Njoka told journalists in Nyeri Town on Tuesday.

Mr Kenyatta’s directive to rid the country of illicit liquor, he said, has borne fruit since men who had been addicted to these drinks are now playing their family responsibilities better.

“Men have now begun taking their matrimonial responsibilities seriously and we are happy for that,” he said.


President Kenyatta, Mr Njoka added, scored big marks by declaring that homosexuality is a non-issue in Kenya.

The press conference at the White Rhino Hotel did not come without drama, as one of the goats, “the Beetle”, took off, forcing Mr Njoka to abandon his address and give chase.

Briefly, some of the journalists joined him in the frantic chase, plunging the briefing into disarray.

On resuming his address, Mr Njoka lashed out at President Obama for what he termed “discrimination (against) the boy child” by campaigning for the empowerment of women and girls.

“We are not against the empowerment of women, but it should be done equally between the two genders. Obama should have campaigned for empowerment of both men and women. Let women embrace their roles without reservation,” he said.