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Njoki Ndun’gu pushes for action on employers who haven’t set up breastfeeding stations

Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndung’u has joined the campaign pushing for punitive action on employers who haven’t established breastfeeding stations at their work places.

Last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law the 2017 Health Act Bill that requires employers with more than 30 female employee to set up lactating stations for mothers to express milk comfortably while at work.

Despite the law coming into force, many employers are yet to comply with the directive.

This situation has compelled CAMFEB (Career Mothers For Exclusive Breast-feeding) to start campaigns to push for the same.

Over the weekend CAMFEB organized a walk in Nairobi to create awareness on the importance of breastfeeding as well as sensitize employers who are yet to set up the lactation station to do so as soon as possible as per the law requires.

The CAMFEB campaign got a huge boost from Lady Justice Njoki’s who has now thrown her weight in championing for the initiative.

The the Supreme Court Judge, who attended the walk, now wants the government to walk the talk by ensuring all employers who do not implement the 2017 Health Act are brought to book.

“We have a Constitution that provides for the best Health Care. It provides for the rights of privacy of women in their offices. It provides for non-discrimination so that if you are a lactating mother nobody should discriminate you,” Justice Njoki said.