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Njoro blames fellow comedians who are falling into depression

Actor Ken Gichoya, better known by the stage name Njoro in the popular TV series Papa Shirandula, has blamed fellow comedians for the rising cases of depression in the industry.

Njoro, who has been crisscrossing various media platforms conducting interviews since the death of his close friend and fellow actor Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula, has said comedians suffering from depression only have themselves to blame for their misery.

The actor is now urging fellow creatives to consider investing their money wisely as they are never guaranteed of a pay cheque.

This he says will go a long way in ensuring they survive the bad times, such as is the case now due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“Nimeona saa hii wasanii wengi sana unaskia wanaenda into depression… sijui Njoro wa Churchill… sijui ule mwingine alikufa na depression sababu wakati walikuwa na pesa waliishi ustaarabu. Mtu anataka kuishi Kileleshwa, anataka kuendesha Mercedes halafu anakosa ku-invest in the future. Halafu saa zile fame inaisha na pesa hauna, unaanza kuregret zile vitu ambazo ungefanya,” Njoro said.

Njoro also called on all creatives to invest during their prime as that will ensure they secure their future.

The 41-year-old however regretted his love for alcohol during his prime years, something that negatively impacted his investments which, he says, would have been bigger had he been wiser back then.