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Watch Njoro’s hilarious meme on Chipukeezy’s Kevin Hart meet up – VIDEO

Kenyan comedian Njoro has taken a swipe at colleague Chipukeezy after he it emerged that he lied on national TV about his meeting with his idol Kevin Hart during a tour of the US in June.

Njoro, who is in the US for a show hosted by Hollywood’s Christine Wawira who helped Chipukeezy meet Hart, shared a hilarious video poking fun at Chipukeezy.

In the video, in which he appears alongside Wawira, Njoro quotes Chipukeezy’s version that Wawira was the white lady in his Los Angeles script.

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“My people, I am being introduced to Kevin Hart by the white lady,” says Njoro in the video amid laughter.

A bystander adds off camera, “And Oprah,” to which Njoro quickly adds, “Yes, and Oprah.”

The Oprah vibe is added to the joke because Wawira during the recent Emmy Award ceremony sat behind Oprah.


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Wawira, during the public spat with Chipukeezy, explained how as an upcoming artist in Hollywood she has to content with being a seat filler during major award ceremonies and that is how she ended up sitting behind Oprah during the Emmy’s.

Njoro and Wawira’s video on the white lady who will introduce him to Chipukeezy has elicited mixed reactions online with some urging them to forgive Chipukeezy as he apologized while others added onto the fun.