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Njoro shares Papa Shirandula ‘dream’

Actor Kenneth Gichoya, popularly known as Njoro in the entertainment scene, says the demise of his long-term colleague and friend Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula, has taught him to cherish friendship and celebrate life.

Njoro, who also is a comedian, was a consistent fixture alongside the fallen-in actor in the Papa Shirandula series show, where he played the role of gardener.

“The life we are living in today is because of Papa. He was a good man, he mentored us. He watched us grow and made us better people both in our career and as a person,” said Njoro, in his address during an event to celebrate Papa Shirandula’s one-year anniversary.

“Watching him leave us just like that was so painful. It is a shame there was Covid-19 at the time he passed on so we would not give him a befitting send-off and many people who would have loved to attend did not.”

What I learnt is that we need to celebrate each other when we are alive. Life is short. There is no time for regrets. Rest well papa.”

Before joining ‘Papa Shirandula’ Njoro was a hawker selling sweets on the streets until he decided to pursue acting and spent time performing plays in the national theatre and doing stand-up comedy.

Njoro describes the past year without Papa as terrible, and says “you can only heal with time”. The comedian also narrates a dream that he recently had about Papa, where he says Papa took him to a hotel and later disappeared; when he woke up he came to the realization that he’s really gone.

Njoro is among one of the actors who have committed to paying fees for Papa Shirandula’s daughter.