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Njugush and Wakavinye’s take on domestic violence

Celebrity pair Celestine Ndinda and Timothy Kimani popularly known as Wakavinye and Njugush respectively, attending Hart The Band’s decade-long musical celebration recently voiced their stance against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in an interview.

Wakavinye emphasized the dire consequences of violence, expressing her dismay at the persistence of such incidents in their generation. She fervently urged collective efforts to curb this unsettling trend, asserting that nothing positive stems from any form of violence.

“There is a certain feeling that I feel, not a good one, a bad one, when I see those things still happening especially in our generation, yenyewe tumeziona si poa. Nothing good comes out of it. So if we can stop GBV, tafadhali stop GBV,” Wakavinye stated.

Njugush echoed this sentiment, adamantly stating that violence should have no place in any relationship, regardless of the recipient’s gender. He passionately advocated for separation if conflicts couldn’t be resolved amicably without resorting to violence. His resolute stance extended to advising individuals grappling with such challenges to consider exiting violent relationships, emphasizing the healing power of time and the possibility of amicable resolutions among friends.

“I think that one, gender-based violence must not happen and not to one gender, to everyone, To no one. It should never happen., Two if you cannot solve your issues, wachaneni. Hakuan jaha uchape mtu,” Njugush explained. “Time heals everything and as long as you are friends I don’t think there is no issue you cannot settle,” Njugush added.

Addressing the delicate question of when to leave an abusive relationship, Wakavinye emphasized the personal nature of this decision. She stressed that individuals enduring GBV should determine their course without succumbing to external societal pressures, advocating for self-driven choices in such distressing circumstances.
“Well, you cant tell someone. It has to be the person ndio ajiambie you cant tell someone to do it. So tuwache kwanza yeye mwenyewe ajiambie.”

Their poignant remarks followed singer Avril’s distressing revelation of alleged domestic abuse by her baby daddy J Blessing, which caused a stir on social media. Despite the turmoil, Avril surprised many by forgiving her purported abuser before departing from Instagram.

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