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Comedian Njugush best captures frustration in most homes this World Cup – VIDEO

Comedian Njugush has reenacted the frustration in most Kenyan homes this World Cup season.

He filmed a short clip of how his clueless wife Celestine Ndinda aka Mama Kavinye keeps interfering with World Cup experience by asking basic questions about the game of football.

Mama Kavinye comically represents lack of football knowledge among many.

In the clip that has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook, Njugush keeps telling his wife to be quiet, but she goes on to ask more annoying questions about the game.

Judging from the comments on Njugush’s post, many women confessed that they are clueless when it comes to football.

Some commented how Mama Kavinye was asking the questions they have always wanted to ask, but are afraid of interrupting the match.

Here is the hilarious clip and the reactions.

C Kip Philip commented on Facebook; “Hahaaaa you remind of a work colleague who asked me why stoke city hawako world cup na Croatia wako?? She is still waiting for the answer!”

Solomon Miranga Chege added; “Don’t mind wewe uko sawa, mimi jana nilisema E. Hazard anacheza na Chelsea nikaulizwa na kwa nini Drogba hachezi could it be racism? I am still thinking.”

James Jt Kungu wrote; “Hahaa, niliulizwa ni team gani hii inacheza na uniform iko na box kama za Embassava, nikamshow ni Croatia iko sponsored Embassava Sacco.”

Kimla Mburu commented; “Jana niliulizwa “kwa nini team za Africa hukuwa few kwa world cup, ama ni vile flight and accommodation hukuwa expensive” ???? hiyo jibu sijapata.”

Denis Wa Nyakinyua added; “GF yangu ananiuliza wako ngapi ngapi nasema wako draw, ananiuliza nani wamefunga draw ya kwanza?”

John Kihara stated; “Its happening everywhere thus season…u captured it right.”

Becky Nash Anita commented; “Mama wa Kavitz you are not alone. I don’t know anything about football. Hata siwezi kwambia what teams has been playing. Thank God it’s not a requirement in life.”