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Comedian Njugush commits cardinal sin against Betty Kyallo – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA December 8th, 2017 1 min read

Comedian Njugush on Thursday night appeared to have committed a man’s cardinal sin –out-dancing a woman.

The comedian was on stage with KTN anchor Betty Kyallo on Thursday night. His brief was to show her how to do the ‘Odi Dance’ (for those at the back, that’s a new dancing style common among Kenyan millennials).

But Njugush, who apparently is a terrific dance, proved too good for the eye candy news anchor.

He took all the limelight as he made move after move, breaking the unwritten rule that despite how good you are, you should never out-dance a woman –even if your life depends on it.

Kyallo, did try, though, offering to show him a different dance style, which Njugush, again modified and appeared eager to run away with.


The anchor posted the video on her Instagram account giving props to the comedian and herself.

Her fans were forgiving as they gave an excuse of her high heels.

Amosnyashville said: “Such a bubbly personality @bettymuteikyallo moves with the heels asiii.”

001blvck added: “You showed her odi dance@blessednjugush now she is doing heels dance @bettymuteikyallo but why?”

Watch the video and be the judge: