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Njugush imitates Sonko, tickles Kenyans

Comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known by his stage name Njugush, has imitated former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko in his latest video.

The undated viral video shows Sonko lashing out at critics who say he has no money.

He even shows off the stashes of cash he has in his house.

In a quick retort, the witty comedian has also ‘revealed’ the amount of money he has.

In less than two minutes, Njugush also questions critics who “say he has no money”.

“You say I have no money because I cannot take my children to school because it has become expensive or to hospital for treatment? Who said I don’t have money?” he asked, lashing out at the naysayers.

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He goes on to boast that he has a toy ATM in the house, before inserting a fake ATM card and showing off two bundles of fifty shillings and some coins.

“This is for fuel, which was increased by 16 per cent, this is for housing, the three per cent for tax.”

Njugush also shares plans for the one shilling coins, saying they will pay fees, pay for medical care and have the rest for food.

The hilarious skit is an imitation of Sonko, who in a video showed a pile of dollars and Kenyan money.

“Let me show you money. You have a long way to go. Somebody has to plan in this life. This is all two million for fuel. Over there is 50 million. If God takes you before He takes me, I will buy your coffin and take you to Embu. This is all to buy fuel. Let me get more money to show you that I can insult people early in the morning. Who told you that people in this Kenya don’t have money? Let me take it out for you so you don’t think it’s fake,” Sonko said in the three-minute video.

However, while flaunting the money late last year, he claimed he was broke and even took a fuliza for a haircut.

He posted a video of himself getting a haircut with the caption: “Leo nanyolewa kwa kinyozi ya 300/=. Nitafuliza tu sai. (Today I am getting a shave at a barbershop that charges Sh300. I will just fuliza”.

In October, youth in Mombasa forced the flamboyant politician to borrow Sh22,000 from a mobile platform to buy them lunch.

Sonko insisted he was broke, but the youths begged him to share what he had. “I’m broke to be honest. Just stay here, you will see me Fuliza. You are 108 people. See, nimefuliza Sh22,000,” he said.

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