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Njugush: My fortunes changed when my first son, Tugi, was born

Comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush has revealed how his life changed for the better after first son, Tugi, was born.

In an interview with Baraza Media Lab, Njugush recounted how things were really tough for him before the birth of his son and how much of blessing the boy has been to his family.

“In the Kikuyu language, Tugi comes from the word utugi, which means the grace of God and to give someone something. That’s where his name came from. Before he was born, life was so difficult and when someone says mtoto hukuja na sahani yake (a child is born with its own blessings), it’s very personal to me proper. Even Celestine (Njugush’s wife) can tell you when Tugi came, that was when everything started making sense,” Njugush said.

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“We’d find ourselves in a boardroom for 10am, 2pm and 3pm meetings. We’d ask ourselves whether these people will finish their meetings or we leave them and go to another meeting. I can comfortably say that what happens is, you find you’re living in a hand to mouth lifestyle,” he recalled.

“At some point I had to sell my TV even when I already had a name in this industry and it wasn’t that I didn’t have money but it was money I did not have at hand. I was being paid but that money had a final destination like debts and so forth,” he said.

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In past interviews, Njugush revealed that his life hadn’t always been rosy and often had to struggle to make ends meet. At some point, it was Celestine who was supporting him before they eventually tied the knot. He revealed that it was fellow comedian, Abel Mutua aka Mkurugenzi, who chipped in for him to pay Celestine’s dowry.

Their first son, Tugi, was born in February 2018, and the couple welcomed their second son  last month. Today, Tugi has his own social media presence and boasts of more than 141,000 subscribers at the tender age of four.

Together with his parents, the trios are a household names in Kenya and have gone on to partner with big corporations, including Safaricom, in lucrative business deals. It however remains to be seen what changes in fortune their newborn son will bring to the family.

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