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Njugush shows how Kenyans are killing locally made products

Comedian Njugush has depicted how most Kenyans are usually not willing to spend their money on locally made products.

In a skit, the artiste is offered a tricycle to purchase for his son, He praises the bike but when the seller says she made it locally, Njugush starts says its unworthy.

“Sasa hii unauza how much?” he enquires.

The seller, his wife Celestine Ndinda, replies, “Thao tu.”

“Unataka nikupromote, heri niende… kuna beshte yangu anauza Sh4,000 za kutoka Italy,” Njugush offers.

The seller counters that she has made the product and its cheaper.

“Kwani kametengenezwa na plastic?” Njugush asks.

Njugush continuously probes on the longevity and materials used to make the tricycle only to admit that the one he intends to buy from Italy is also made with the same material.

“I wish ungekuwa umetoa Italy. Sasa hii unaweza nipatia na deni,” he asks.

The seller persists on asking Njugush to promote her hustle.

“Na ukiuza bei poa… teremesha kutoka thao nipatie na mia mbili.”

The seller enquires on how much Njugush was willing to pay for the Italy one and he says, “Si unajua imetoka Italy, hiyo ni Sh4,000.”

Unrelenting, Njugush requests to be given the bike to advertise and in return he can keep it.

“Madam, ama ufanye hivi… unipatie nikutangazie. Unilipe nayo nikutangaziange nikuinfluencie hii.”

As the seller continues begging Njugush to buy, the latter ‘disvalues’ the effort and insists on paying more for the ‘Italy-made’ bike.

This comic skit could not be further from the true even as the government and small and medium business keep insisting on the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ mantra.