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Njugush: Why I rarely wear my wedding ring

Comedian Njugush, real name Timothy Kimani and his wife Celestine Ndinda have revealed why they no longer wear their wedding rings.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Njugush said he removed his wedding ring because of acting.

“My ring is at home because I keep removing it when I act. It kept getting lost everytime I removed during acting so I decided to keep it at home. I wear it when I am not acting, it’s like my Sunday best,” he said.

Cele on the other hand said she lost hers a while back and still waiting for her husband to buy her another one.

“Mine got lost two years ago and my husband promised to buy another one, I am still waiting for him to buy, “she said.

The two have been together for nine years but married for five years.

They are blessed with a son, Blessed Tugi who is three-year-old and appears keen to follow in his parents’ footsteps of creating funny clips.

The couple has in the past shared how their love started blossoming way back during their school days and when both had nothing concrete to show in life.

The couple further revealed they were eyeing each other’s friend before their started dating.