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Njugush: Why I wanted a daughter as my first-born child

Comedian Njugush has revealed that he wanted to get a baby girl as his first-born child.

During a recent interview with Iko Nini Podcast, the comedian said that he had a strong desire to have a baby girl as his firstborn child.

Growing up with his brother, Njugush wanted to experience a different dynamic in his own family.

“I was raised in a family of two boys,” he explained.

Njugush is a father of two sons, Tugi and Toria. (Tugi means a gift from God while Toria means a conqueror.)

Luckily, Njugush said his younger brother Ngugi Ndegwa gave birth to a baby girl and named her her after their mother, Njambi.

Ngugi walked down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend, Lily, two years ago.

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Njugush also talked about the difference in raising boys from girls.

“When you get a boy, you will have to look for his wealth,” he said.

He said when they were growing up with his younger brother, they were so worried about each other, especially because of drugs.

Luckily, neither of them got involved in drugs.

The father of two also said he was raised by a disciplinarian mother.

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“Even today, I still recall how she used to punish us when we were wrong,” Njugush said.

Njugush also joked about how his son Tugi is picking up the traits of boys and how he’s started to discipline him.

“I started beating him by the time he was below two years. He still fears me because I was told always reward good and bad for him by the doctor,” he said.

Before their second child arrived, Njugush and his wife Celestine said their son Tugi had been asking God to put a baby in his stomach because he thought they did not want the baby to be in their stomach.

“We have waited for long and God maybe just answered our son’s prayers,” Celestine said, expressing her happiness.

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