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Nkaissery ‘babysat’ Sonko, Kidero and the Internet is thrilled

There was something interesting that caught the public’s eye during Monday Labor day celebrations that took place at Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

What was interesting was the sitting arrangements of Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and aspiring Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

The two, who are known to be public political enemies, sat next to each other but with Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery being placed in the middle.

Sonko and Kidero have been involved in a war of words between each other that has even resorted to name-calling and a physical fight in the Senate in June last year.

The fight began when Mr Sonko sought to present documents he claimed showed that the governor had grabbed private property in the city and transferred it to himself and his wife.

Although committee chairman Anyang’ Nyong’o allowed him to present the documents, Mr Sonko continued verbally attacking the governor, who had remained controlled and unmoved as the tirade continued.

However, things became uglier when Prof Nyong’o called for a break and the two moved towards each other.

At first, the senator only shouted at Dr Kidero, but when the governor began responding, the exchange got physical.

CS Nkaissery being put to sit in between the two during the Labour Day celebrations was taken as a hilarious joke by the public who commented on how Sonko and Kidero need to be ‘put in check’ when appearing together in a public function.

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