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Nkaissery’s quotes that tell the story of his beliefs

“The information we have received so far supports the assassination theory, but let us wait for the police to complete their investigations. But I must say that as a delegate I don’t feel we have enough security here at Bomas and outside.”
– In September 2003 while reacting to the death of Dr Chrispin Odhiambo Mbai, who had been shot dead at his home in what many thought was a politically motivated killing

“This is a very serious issue where the Leader of official Opposition is stopped by police from addressing the public. The whole country has been waiting for that explanation since a pledge had been given.”
– In a May 2004 speech in Parliament reacting to treatment of the then Kanu and opposition leader Uhuru Kenyatta, the leader of his (Gen Nkaissery’s) party, whose harambee at the Rift Valley had been disrupted the previous week

“I am a man of principles and as deputy Kanu secretary, I will not take the position.”
– In December 2005 while rejecting President Mwai Kibaki’s move to appoint him as an assistant minister for energy


“If Kimunya has been implicated in corruption, the honourable thing for him to do is to step aside to pave way for investigations or else he be sacked … We have nothing personal against him but for the sake and integrity of the coalition government and the country at large, Mr Kimunya must go.”
– In July 2008, speaking in Parliament as the Defence assistant minister and Kajiado Central MP as circumstances around the sale of Grand Regency Hotel became a subject of public scrutiny

“Mr Mudavadi is currently the deputy to Mr Odinga and there should not be a debate over who becomes deputy party leader since the seat is not vacant.”
– In September 2008 when there was a debate on ODM as to who would be picked as the deputy party leader

“Ours was to come now and get the guns. That was the order. We arrived there, we were given choppers. We said, ‘The only thing a pastoralist does not want to part with is livestock.’ So, we surrounded all the livestock of the Pokot. All of them. After one week, the Pokot returned 120 rifles. The second week, we had about 200 or 400, I don’t remember. By the third week, I think we had about 1,000 guns.”
– Speaking in December 2014 to a team of MPs vetting him for the Interior Cabinet Secretary position after one member had asked him to answer why a team he led in 1984 while in charge of the Kenya Army’s Western Command confiscated cattle.


“Let us not bring academic issues here, because it will not help this country. First of all, how can I blow the walls of a hostel when I know the students are inside?”
– A response he uttered in April 2015 while fielding questions from the Parliamentary Committee on Security on the response to the terror attack on Garissa University College earlier that month

“Mlikula teargas kidogo, si ni kweli? … Na hiyo teargas haikuwa mzuri. So, I have come to apologise, kusema hiyo haikuwa mzuri na hatua ilichukuliwa na haitafanyika tena. Na kwa hivyo shule yenu itachungwa na serikali … Kwa hivyo watoto nyinyi, we can assure you, you relax. Your school will never be taken again.”
– Addressing pupils of Lang’ata Road Primary School in January 2015, a day after police lobbed teargas at them as they protested against the fencing off of their school field by a private developer

“Uhuru, 2017 mpaka 2022; 2022 Ruto anakamata [mpaka] 2032. Saa hiyo mimi ni consultant, kusema ‘Huyu ni mjinga’, ‘Huyu ni mzuri’, ‘Huyu ataenda hivi’, ‘Itakuwa namna hii’. Na hiyo maendeleo inaendelea.”
– Speaking at a rally attended by the Maasai in July 2016


“He [Ole Ntimama] went to State House and said we should join Jubilee, and he repeated the same later when we were at the Ole Nchoe funtion. We must respect the dead. Let us not use politics to demand popularity. It is important we respect the old man.”
– During the burial of former minister William ole Ntimama on September 14, 2016 while responding to claims that Mr Ntimama had informed opposition leader Raila Odinga that he had joined ODM

“I urge members of the public to report any security officer and national government administration officers whom they find engaging in partisan activities during nomination process.”
– On April 24, 2017 while reacting to violence witnessed across Kenya during party nominations

“I am now calling on IPOA to use their powers to punish rogue police officers with the same energy that they have been using to award the outstanding performers.”
– On May 5, 2017 during the awarding of 95 officers identified by IPOA (Independent Policing Oversight Authority) for offering exemplary service

“We are going to war. Whether it is a politician or citizen, those engaging in hate speech and incitement should be arrested on the spot. They will not wait for orders from above but should take action there and then.”
– Speaking on May 24, 2017 as he ordered police to instantly arrest those who peddle hate speech