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NMS boss Badi ignores Sonko, goes ahead with City Hall staff transfers

The redeployment of more than 6,000 Nairobi County staff to Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has kicked off despite opposition from governor Mike Sonko and the workers’ Union officials.

The workers affected by the transferred functions, turned out in large numbers at Uhuru Park to receive their redeployment letters amid a heavy presence of the General Service Unit (GSU) and National Youth Service officers.

This comes after Public Service Commission (PSC) on Friday directed 6,052 county staff to present themselves Monday and Tuesday for their secondment to NMS.

But Sonko opposed the move, asking the workers to ignore the directive as it violated the government’s order on public gathering, position backed by the union.

Sonko accused unnamed individuals in government of hijacking the implementation of the Deed of Transfer for selfish gain, claiming that Nairobi County Public Service Board, and not PSC, had the mandate to notify county staff of any redeployment.

NMS Director General Mohammed Badi laughed off the claims saying the Deed signed at state House on February 25 gave his office total control over all transfers.

“He (Sonko) signed the agreement at state House for the transfer of the four functions now under NMS and I took over on March 18, 2020. The Assembly also approved the transfer of everything not just the staff but also their assets including vehicles and offices during a special sitting,” said Mr Badi.

The DG said the exercise will go on untl Friday and 3, 000 workers will receive redeployment letters at a rate of 600 staff each day.

He explained that the exercise was extended from the initial two days due to the dusk-to-dawn curfew restrictions by releasing the workers early to head home.

The remaining staff from the public health department, who are in the frontline in fighting Covid-19, are exempted from the Uhuru Park exercise and will get their letters at their working stations.