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NMS erects bumps on Haile Selassie Avenue

Motorists using Haile Selassie Avenue experienced traffic snarl-ups on Wednesday after the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) erected a speed bump at City Square Post Office.

The bumps were erected under the iconic footbridge along the busy avenue for pedestrians after the footbridge was damaged by a trailer carrying an excavator last year.

NMS has also explained there are plans to construct a new footbridge, but in the meantime, they will first erect a temporary steel structure to support the bridge.

Pedestrians and motorists have been advised to exercise caution.

NMS Director of Roads, Infrastructure and Public Works Engineer Michael Ochieng said the temporary steel structure will be erected to support the footbridge in the short term as plans for the construction of a new footbridge are concluded.

The bumps were erected after a zebra crossing had also been painted on the Avenue and signs already placed along the road for pedestrians’ use, a situation that will temporarily halt traffic flow along the busy Haile Selassie Avenue.

“The footbridge is quite significant for pedestrians crossing the Haile Selassie Avenue from Kenya Railways headquarters and its damage had to be addressed immediately,” said Ochieng.

The director asked pedestrians and motorists using the road to exercise caution, especially at the construction site to avoid accidents.