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No failure: Sakaja says as CECs signs six-month performance contracts

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja has issued his County Executive Chief Officers (CECs) performance contracts to guide them in the next six months.

During the signing of the contracts on Thursday at City Hall, the governor said the CECs will be evaluated at the end of the period set.

The governor said the best-performing CECs will be rewarded and those with poor performance records will have to explain why they did not deliver.

Sakaja said the idea of coming up with the appraisals is to ensure that work is being done to ensure that his manifesto to the people of Nairobi is delivered.

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CECs will also sign contracts with their Chief Officers, who will be specific about what each department will be required to do.

“If anyone doesn’t meet their targets they will have to really explain it and it will go on records and those who will do the best will be reward, we will have them as CECs of the year, we will have their photo and even I can give them a reward as the governor,” Sakaja said.

The governor challenged his team not to fail him, adding that the people of Nairobi have a lot of confidence in him and his team.

He said his administration would sanction those who fail to deliver, and administrative actions will be taken against them.

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“The first evaluation is in six months. We have a very strong Public Service Management team here and they are the ones who came out with the performance contracts. We will do constant monitoring and evaluation everyday on the day to day targets and the goals we have per sector.”

The governor said that within the next six months, Environment, Water, Food and Agriculture CEC Maureen Njeri and his team will have awarded the Dandora waste energy tender that will employ youths and help to clean the area.

CEC Brian Mulama, who is in charge of Talents, Skills, Development and Care will deliver three stadiums by the end of six months.

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