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No, I’m not dating, Dennis Karuri says, reveals his type of lover

Kenya’s renowned makeup artist Dennis Karuri has revealed the type of person he fancies in a romantic relationship.

In a reveal-it-all interview, the makeup genius said that his type is the person he loves and that he doesn’t limit dating to a specific gender.

“I am a very general person. If I love you, I love you. Everything else is a by the way. I love someone for who they are, not for their gender. Just their personality and our connection. That’s it,” said Karuri.

He also disclosed that he is currently not in a relationship.

“At the moment, no, I am not dating,” Karuri said.

It was previously rumuored that Karuri was in a romantic relationship with a fellow makeup artist, who is known to the public as Creative Phil, but Karuri wittily evaded confirmation by simply saying he is yet to introduce his boyfriend.

And while revisiting an altercation he had with musician Akothee, where the makeup called the songbird the rudest client he has ever worked with, Karuri said that he did not expect it to trend.

“I did that interview last year and had even forgotten about it. When the interview was released I was surprised to see that it was trending. I honestly had nothing to say, because it’s not like I lied about it either. So I just kept silent.”

But he admitted he went overboard by mentioning his client’s name.

“Mentioning my client’s name I admit was a bit uncalled for but I learned, and you know we move. We live and learn. That’s what life’s about.”

On whether he resolved his differences with Akothee, Karuri said: “When it comes to business, there’s something called business relationship. If it doesn’t exist you find that you don’t understand each other, and it’s okay to respect a bit of boundaries.”

Karuri came into the limelight after attending to several high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry. And as evidenced by the massive social media following he commands, the makeup artist continues to reach for the high leagues in the beauty industry.