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No mbuzi parties for fun-loving Kenyans this Easter

If you had any plans of hosting a mbuzi party to celebrate Easter this weekend, you might start changing your plans after Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe warns Kenyans to stay at home and exercise social distancing.

These are extraordinary times he says caused by the coronavirus pandemic and therefore it means that the order of how people are accustomed to do things must also change.

Kagwe insisted that everyone should stay home during Easter that is to be marked on April 12.

“Wakati huu wa Easter watu wakake nyumbani, stay at home. You have no reason to go anywhere, hakuna mambo ya party hakuna mambo ya mbuzi ati tunaenda kukula mbuzi mahali flani. Kwa hiyo kama hakuna mbuzi na hakuna party na hakuna bar unaenda kufanya nini, wewe kaa nyumbani,” Kagwe said in a press briefing on Thursday afternoon at Afya House.

Mbuzi parties before the curfew time is completely discouraged or moving from one estate to the next.

He also appealed to those in the informal sector, including mama mboga, saloonist, barbers and those in the jua kali industry to practice social distancing at  their workplaces.