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No more watermarks on State House photos

President William Ruto has continued his drastic reorganisation of his official residence State House, Nairobi, including the messaging of his official communication.

In the past, during key functions in and out of the country, his predecessor, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta’s photos were usually shared with a watermarked logo of State House.

But barely a month in office, not even a single photo of President Ruto has been watermarked, the latest ones being from his state visit to Ethiopia on Thursday.

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The president’s press team shared the photos of the president and the Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and none of them was watermarked.

The State House media team also changed a day after Mr Kenyatta vacated office. President Kenyatta’s government referred the media team at State House and Office of the President as Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU), but President Ruto has since renamed that team.

Currently, all the events are being covered by the President’s Press Service (PPS), which was also used by former presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Arap Moi.

Also, President Ruto has replaced the rostrum that was used by his predecessor with more stylish one. At the moment, the State House website has been deactivated by President Ruto’s team, and there is no information on the site.

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Other changes include the logo of the State House in all its social media accounts, which has been changed to include yellow, the predominant colour of President Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance party (UDA).

Dr Ruto’s administration has also ensured that all key functions the president attends are live streamed in the social media, majorly through Facebook and Twitter, two platforms where the president enjoys a big following.

Even during his campaigns, Dr Ruto maximized social media to reach out to his supporters. And with a new Aide-de-Camp already assigned to the president, more changes could be on the way.

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