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No re-infections registered from all 873 patients who recovered from Covid-19

None of the 873 patients who have been discharged from hospital after recovering from coronavirus, have registered any re-infection, the Ministry of Health has said.

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman, on Tuesday said that all recovered patients are all faring well and none of them has been re-admitted back to hospital due to re-infection.


“As far as I know we have not yet registered any re-infection of people who have been released from hospital. What we know is that those who have been released are faring well. We haven’t seen any problem with those we have discharged,” Dr Aman said.

Dr Aman added that the ministry will continue to keep itself abreast with new information coming in from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on asymptomatic patients, and whether or not it is safe to allow them back to the community.

He said, there are still many unknowns pertaining Covid-19 and how the virus behaves in different environments.


“What I can say with Covid-19 there are very many unknowns and there is still a steep learning curve on how this virus behaves and what that means for us,” he said.

“This information that has now come out of WHO it is in observation from many different places but the evidence is still to be gathered to be very clear of what asymptomatic status means,” Dr Aman added.

“Clearly if we are having a large number of asymptomatic people here, then it makes sense that we need to change tact if the evidence is in place in the way we deal with that,” he said.

Asymptomatic patients who are positive do not show any symptoms related to the disease. Hence may appear normal.