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No regrets over Mulamwah, Sonnie heartbreak

Carol Sonie has shared regrets over how her relationship with comedian baby daddy David Oyando, commonly referred to as Mulamwah, folded up.

In an interview with media personality Sande Bush aka Dr. Ofweneke, the mother of one also stressed that unlike what has been said, she wishes him well in her career and life endeavors.

“I wanted a future with him and had hoped we will grow together. I invested four years in this relationship. That’s why I had his child,” she explained.

When asked if she misses him, she stressed that both have moved on.

“No, I don’t miss him. It’s my past now and I don’t miss anything from it. Whatever I have accepted letting go, there’s no point in missing it,” she said.

In addition, she says the issues they had are now of the past and there’s no need to fan old flames as they have both grown out of it.

“That’s something I’ve grown out of and it’s something I wouldn’t like to address because I have healed and moved on, and so has Mulamwah, so whatever happened, happened. It’s best to focus on the future. What’s lost is lost,” she added.

Ms. Sonnie adds they have elected to co-parent as she’s the one who provides for her child. “It’s me and my baby. Yeah, he does see the baby as I haven’t denied him access to see her. The last time he saw the kid, she was about 2 months. Right now she’s turning 6 months,” she said.

She further stated that they are both adults and that they each know what their role in their daughter’s life is.

“Well we are all grown-ups, we know our responsibilities. We both took part in the game and we each knew what we were getting ourselves into. He knows what he’s supposed to do, and I know what I’m supposed to do,” she remarked.