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No condoms for schools, but girls to get help after abortions

The government has launched a policy to address the growing numbers of teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortion, drug abuse and HIV/Aids infections among adolescents.

The health Ministry is categorical that contrary to claims in some quarters, the policy does not allow abortion, neither will it permit the distribution of condoms to school children.

But while it prohibits abortion, the policy promotes improvement of post-abortion care.

Health Principal Secretary Khadija Kasachoon on Wednesday said the policy was a guideline that works within the constitution.

“This document lays bare the solutions to address the population that is critical in our future planning.

“We will work with the Ministry of Education to offer age appropriate sex education as well as our ministry so that adolescents can get comprehensive medical care as prescribed in the Constitution,” the PS said.


The 33-page document titled: ‘The Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy” was launched Wednesday amid growing concern over indiscipline in schools.

This trend was highlighted by the arrest of about 35 students who were found drinking, using and hiding bhang as well as having sex in a bus early last month.

The document describes reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters of the reproductive system, its functions and processes.

The policy is however not clear on how it would work with the counties in addressing the concerns of youth.