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No Valentine’s gifts! Company’s memo goes viral

An email circulating among staff members has gained attention, purportedly advising against the exchange of Valentine’s gifts in the workplace. 

On this Valentine’s Day, couples are eagerly seeking unique ways to publicly express their affection. 

However, the romantic atmosphere may create pressure on single individuals, potentially affecting their focus at work.

The memo was posted on Facebook, sparking discussions online. 

The company, whose identity remains undisclosed, issued a directive prohibiting employees from bringing Valentine’s gifts to the premises.

Additionally, they mandated employees to communicate this policy to their loved ones, cautioning that any violation would result in disciplinary action.

“Please note that no Valentine’s gifts are allowed within the company premises. management has made this decision in order to safeguard other employees from unnecessary pressure and stress. Kindly communicate with your loved ones about this instruction in time to avoid any inconvenience.

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Please note this will be taken seriously and commensurate action will be taken against violators. ” the company memo read.

Here are reactions from online fans:

Malala Mangala Hamanyati: It is important to safeguard the mental well-being of every employee. This employer knows that watching others receive can easily cause depression. Well done!!!

D’Angelo D’Silva: Fair enough! With the way things are hard not all of us can afford to buy Valentine’s gifts for our loved ones. The management has done the honourable thing by making sure that our loved ones at various workplaces don’t get tempted and demand gifts from their partners simply because their colleagues received gifts.

Luckwell Chilufya: This company needs a very good prestigious award.

Shwana Simangolwa III: The owner of this company deserves an award, tell him to hit my inbox I bless him.

Naya Dilinki: These are people we need in our society. Good Comrade!!!

Caroline Chalwejunior Mfula: The CEO has joined the movement of bitter single people.

Leah Chisi: Thank you for helping some of us. The best decision by the best management team