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No white wedding: Celeb couple Daddie Marto and Koku reveals why – Exclusive

Christine Kokueendera, popularly known as Koku Lwanga, wife to actor and content creator Daddie Marto, has shed light on the decision to forgo a white wedding.

The couple, who crossed paths seven years ago, found themselves embracing parenthood early on, welcoming three children into their lives.

Koku, who initially pursued a career in engineering told Nairobi News that she made a seamless transition to content creation, inspired by her husband’s passion for the craft.

Celebrity couple Koku Lwanga and Daddie Marto with their children. PHOTO| COURTESY

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“I loved the career, but there was also the influence from my parents. I actually thought I would be practicing engineering, but I found myself doing content creation because that’s what I found my husband doing when we met,” shared Koku.

The decision to skip a white wedding, she explained, was rooted in practicality and a focus on building a foundation for their family.

“We did not do one because, at that time, we were not ready to spend all our money and savings when we were just starting life. We met, and I became pregnant the first year. It was like, are we going to start life or do a wedding? We did a traditional wedding in Uganda, and our parents gave us their blessing,” she said.

Acknowledging the challenges of marriage, especially in the public eye, Koku emphasized the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns.

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Reflecting on the common phenomenon of celebrity couples parting ways, she remarked:

“Marriage is a tough school, and you have to be very invested in it. Every situation is unique, so give them grace because it is not easy.”

Despite their unique journey, Koku highlighted the importance of learning to navigate differences and finding common ground.

She shared insights into managing their family dynamics and addressing unexpected additions.

“It is shocking to get unplanned pregnancies, especially in these hard economic times. Not many families in Kenya right now are financially free. We have had to restructure our savings and plans to help us bring up this child. But then, no child is a mistake at all. You compose yourself and ask God to help you.”

Addressing the dynamics of her own marriage, Koku expressed gratitude for her husband’s composed nature during disagreements.

“It is not a normal thing to have a sober man, especially when there is an argument in the family setup. He is usually composed, and I feel safe in the relationship. It is overwhelming sometimes to take care of my three boys, but I show up for them.”

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