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Nonini speaks out on fatherhood, love and charity

More than a decade ago, Hubert “Nonini” Nakitare was the musician whose pieces parents and their children could not listen to together.

The discomfort that would be created when listening to his blatant portrayal of perversion in his singles like ‘We Kamu’, ‘Keroro’ and ‘Mtoto Mzuri‘ was indescribable.

Not surprisingly, he named that album Hanyaring Game which, loosely translates to “the game of promiscuity”, when he completed it in 2004.

Fast forward 13 years later. Now a father, husband and respectable artiste with three albums that recorded massive commercial success, Nonini stands in stark contrast to the image he had when he entered the limelight.


He does not deny that he was a “spoilt little brat”.

“I was young, just out of high school, carefree, living for myself and life was not serious,” he says laughing.

Today, Nonini, the man who sang; “Ushawahi guzwa mahali ukaskia kukojoa?” runs a foundation, Colour Kwa Face, which provides creams and mentorship for people with albinism for free. He is also one of the directors of the Performers’ Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK).

Before the interview begins, he asks whether Zuqka can accompany him today to a school in Embu for his charity.

“The children would be really glad”, he pleads, and then adds, “I will ensure the safety and wellbeing of anyone coming with me.”


As the interview progresses, the artiste oscillates from a feeling of pride at his involvement in charity and being a director at PRISK to a portrayal of vulnerability about how much he loves his three-year-old son, Jaden.

Read the full interview here.

SOURCE: Daily Nation