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‘Nonsense’: Sonko in Facebook sack threat on rot at Mbagathi Hospital

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has threatened to sack staff at Mbagathi Hospital following complaints by a family whose patient is admitted at the facility.

The patient was referred to the hospital from Korogocho as an emergency case.

A member of the family contacted Governor Sonko via WhatsApp after medics at the hospital took hours before attending to their patient.

The person also shared the picture of a mother who lost her child at the hospital as she waited for doctors to attend to the child who had reportedly ingested kerosene.

“Another child rushed in after swallowing paraffin has just lost her life while waiting for someone to attend to her,” read part of the WhatsApp message.

The person urged the governor to conduct an impromptu visit to the hospital to see the rot for himself.

Governor Sonko responded in typical style, rushing to Facebook to threaten the hospital’s staff with possible sacking.

“This the Kind of NONSENSE I don’t like and if I take action utasikia tu kwa wakikimbilia media ati napenda kufuta watu kazi. Nimewapangia raundi hii,” Sonko posted on Facebook.

In June, Sonko stormed Mama Lucy Hospital early in the morning to monitor operations.

This was a response to complaints  over lack of medicine at the hospital.