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Northern Bypass: Nairobi’s deadly road

The Northern Bypass, a major road in Nairobi connecting Ruiru, Kahawa West, Githurai 44, and Ngumba estates to Kiambu Road and Ruaka, is a bustling hub of transit activities.

However, at the intersection of Kamiti Road (the route to Kahawa West and Zimmerman), this road has transformed into a death trap where many lives have been lost.

According to Pastor Harrison Kibira of AIPCA Church in Githurai 44 branch, since 2018, that section of the road has claimed more than 70 lives.

The most dangerous section of the road is at Jordan-Budalangi estate, where both sides are surrounded by residential buildings.

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“Here, we have lost dozens of people who were struck by cars while crossing the road,” Pastor Kibira told Nairobi News. in an exclusive interview.

A mere few minutes of observation reveals cars speeding by, with trucks exacerbating the fear among pedestrians.

Furthermore, the vehicles appear indifferent to the safety of pedestrians.

The accident-prone section has no speed bumps, and the existing ‘bridge’ serves as a transition from Kamiti Road to Githurai 44, Zimmerman, and Roysambu.

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“At night, those who cross without caution are hit by speeding cars that rarely stop,” says Nancy Wanja, a resident.

Wanja notes that those who cross while intoxicated suffer the most, with drivers frequently fleeing the scene.

Pupils and students are also significantly affected, with Pastor Kibira estimating an unknown number of children who have lost their lives.

Adjacent to this perilous road is the private primary school, Green Angels Junior.

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Surprisingly, the dangerous section of the Northern Bypass lacks road signs to warn drivers about pedestrians crossing the road.

Pastor Kibira also said Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) has failed to respond to numerous complaints from residents about the dangerous section of the road.

Instead, he says, Kura keeps directing them to use the Northern Bypass-Kamiti Road overpass. But he observes the alternative road is riskier to pedestrians.

“We have tried to pressure the government to install speed bumps or a pedestrian bridge, but our complaints have fallen on deaf ears,” he said.

In 2020, clergymen from various denominations in the area held joint prayers to cleanse the road and eliminate the curse of frequent accidents.