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‘Not a gentleman…’, Former manager Noriega criticises Otile Brown’s conduct during their split

Joseph Noriega, the former manager of renowned musician Otile Brown, has opened up about the unexpected turn of events following their decision to part ways, shedding light on what seemed like a sudden rift between them.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Noriega delved into the circumstances surrounding their separation.

He said that while they had agreed to part amicably, Otile’s actions portrayed a different narrative.

Contrary to common assumptions, Noriega clarified that their relationship was primarily a business agreement rather than an employment arrangement.

Despite this, he expressed his disappointment in the way Otile handled the situation, particularly the lack of communication regarding their split.

“I didn’t know that we needed to do a press release that we were no longer working together. I found out online like everyone else, and that is where my disappointment came from,” Noriega revealed, highlighting the abruptness of Otile’s public announcement.

In June, 2023, Otile Brown announced on his social media that he decided to part ways after a six-years collaboration.

Noriega lamented the absence of a proper handover process, expressing his desire for continued collaboration given their shared network and professional rapport.

“So many artistes have changed management but kept it under wrap. I would still give him the biggest deal of his career yet I don’t work with them. I still push gigs for his current management. I feel like he was not a gentleman. I just didn’t like the way he went public about the whole issue without informing me,” he said.

He voiced his frustration at being left out of the loop, especially when confronted by inquiries from industry partners and promoters.

“While managing him, I had created a lot of networks, but I was not given a chance to do a proper handover or even communicate to our partners and promoters,” Noriega lamented.

Despite the perceived betrayal, Noriega maintained his professionalism and wished Otile well in his career endeavors.

“Like how was I supposed to respond to a CEO calling me to ask what they had seen online.”

However, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment at Otile’s lack of courtesy in handling their separation.

“Since then, we don’t communicate but I wish him the best in his career.”

Otile’s failure to introduce Noriega to his new management further complicated matters, leaving Noriega to conduct the handover directly with Otile, a move that added strain to their already strained relationship.

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