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I have not called for demos on Election Day, Raila

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said that he has not called for any demonstrations on Thursday.

The opposition leader told BBC during an interview that he has only asked his supporters to stay at home not to picket on Election Day.

“We have not told people to demonstrate on polling day, we have not said that at all. We have told people to stay away.”

“You see there are two forces here; those who want to go on with the sham elections irrespective of the consequences and those who are saying no it is not right to do it,” he said.

Mr Odinga said his supporters have a constitutional right to picket.

“First you need to know that picketing, striking and peaceful demonstrations are guaranteed by our constitution, so what we have told our supporters is to do a peaceful procession carrying placards which are carrying the message and with a white handkerchief saying ‘no reforms, no elections,’” he added.

On Monday, Nasa in a statement said its demos will resume Tuesday and proceed daily until necessary changes are realised and free and fair elections held.

On Tuesday, Nasa protesters were picketing towards the Nairobi CBD by 1pm.