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Not in this economy! Dennis Ombachi cries out after his kids break TV set

Celebrated Kenyan rugby player-turned-chef, Dennis Ombachi, has found himself at the center of online conversations since Friday evening.

The buzz surrounds a video he shared on social media, depicting his two children involved in an unfortunate mishap that resulted in a broken TV.

The video, which has garnered over two million views, captures Ombachi telling his children, Sasha and Remy, that they will be unable to watch their favorite cartoons since the TV is now broken.

Throughout the video, the children feign surprise and innocence, adding an element of humour to the incident.

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Kenyans online have responded to the video with varied views. Some came to the defense of the children, arguing that their actions were merely part of childhood exploration and should not be met with harsh punishment.

PhillyMonae wrote: “From my experience, I’m never putting a TV nowhere close to 4 feet from the ground, it’s either it’s close to the ceiling or hang from the ceiling. Not taken anymore chances.”

Others reminisce about their own upbringing, suggesting that they would have received a stern reprimand or even physical discipline for similar behaviour.

CrKinyan said: “Weeeh… sisi wa githunguri saizi tungekua tumerambwa na mwiko divided by slippers, multiplied by mkono, subtracted from talking and added 17 viboko. Hapa naona tu Sasha… listen Sasha… please Sasha. The TV is sorry Sasha. That’s parenting Gospel according to Ombachi. Done!”

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Others recognized the changing times and the need for alternative parenting approaches.

BenKEofficial wrote: “Who was waiting for at least a whip? Parenting in the 20th century… No wonder wanachoma shule,” while Benie™ said  “21st Century parenting. Ingekua ni my parents saizi mngekua mnakula mchele kwetu.”

Protij Manu highlighted the challenges of parenting in the modern era, saying, “It’s tough being a parent in this era, he had to use ‘children’ to sound threatening instead of slippers.”

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