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Not Sorry! Viral TikToker defends confrontation with “Kanjo” officer over parking dispute

Gloria Ntazola, the viral TikToker who recently found herself in a fiery confrontation with a city council officer, commonly known as “Kanjo,” over a parking dispute in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), has expressed no regret for her actions.

In an interview with NTV, she boldly declared her readiness to repeat the same actions if faced with a similar situation.

“I am not sorry, and if they repeat the same, I will do the same again. The economy is tough, and these Kanjo officers are harassing us. There are corrupt individuals they should be pursuing.

When you ask them about your mistakes, they don’t know and they harass you. People are stealing from Kenyans and smuggling drugs, yet they don’t go after them.

As long as I am doing the right thing, I have zero remorse. It’s been chaotic, but most of those contacting me on social media are saying I did the right thing. You can’t say all those people are wrong. Kenyans are fed up,” declared Ntazola.

Her fearless stance has garnered widespread attention and support from the online community, and Kenyans have voiced their opinions on social media:

@victorogoti6880: “The Askari deserves special commendation for maintaining his composure. This could have ended very differently with some of the police thugs.”

@cityCAM900: “The people saying she’s toxic are sick!!!!!…madam did a good thing. Awa kanjo wamezoea!!!!”

@chrisogonas: “That was very well executed. Well done Gloria. Hizo ujinga za Sakaja na Ruto officers lazima zikome. Kudos.”

@emilyrono3532: “How safe were you to take him around; that man is also a hero for not hurting you.”

@kelvinmuriithi7544: “I will never forget those kanjos who hide at Imenti House near Naivas; the torture they gave me and even forced me to withdraw 5000.”

@kandisphere8828: “I saw her trending video, and I laughed so much!! She did well to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.”

The business lady, however, lost her TikTok account for violating restrictive community guidelines on the social media app.

“They took down my TikTok account and that’s okay. But let me tell you Sakaja(in reference to Nairobi Governor) talk to your people to stop harassing innocent Kenyans. Go for the corrupt politicians instead,” she said.

The Nairobi County Government issued a response with acting County Secretary Patrick Analo acknowledging that the officer was in the wrong for entering the vehicle without the owner’s permission.

However, he also pointed out that the owner should have driven directly to a police station or County Government offices to report the incident.

“While it is wrong for the officer to have entered the vehicle without permission, it is equally wrong to detain someone just because they have illegally entered your car. They should have rushed with the officer to the nearest police station,” Mr Analo stated.

He condemned the actions of both parties involved and emphasized that the county would take disciplinary action against the officer for overstepping his role.

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