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Nothing funny! Kenyans not amused by Kenya Power’s ‘tasteless’ joke

By Winnie Mabel September 28th, 2023 2 min read

Kenya Power Company attempted its hand at humour when they tagged renowned comedian Crazy Kennar in their social media post but things did not go as planned.

While unveiling its new merchandise, branded t-shirts and light tote bags, Kenya Power called on Crazy Kennar to inform him they had new products he could use in his comedy skits again.

“Crazy Kennar Tuko na merch mpya for your next video👀😁,” said Kenya Power on its social media handles on Thursday.

The caption refers to a skit Crazy Kennar did in July 2023 where he mocked corrupt public servants who take home branded government equipment, including cups, beddings, clothes and water tanks.

In the one-minute video, Crazy Kennar humorously showcased the branded items found in homes owned by public servants, juxtaposing them with a “corruption-free zone”  welcome home doormat.

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The comedian tagged several parastatals and government agencies, including Kenya Power, Homa Bay County Constituency Development Fund, KBC, Kenya Airways, National Transport and Safety Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenyatta National Hospital and the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

However, Kenya Power’s attempt at humorous flopped miserably with the online community bashing the company that has become notorious for inflated power bills and regular power black outs.

Nairobi News samples some of the reactions from Kenyans:

“Can’t mix humour & blackout.. choose one battle,” said JB Kapilo.

“Tutumie hizi kubeba power bank ama (Shall we use these bags to carry power banks or)?” asked Wycliffe Odiwuor.

“Crazy kennar ako kazi na nyinyi…mnatry kucrack jokes badala mshughulikie stima🚮🚮🚮 (Crazy Kennar is working but as for you, you are here trying to crack jokes instead of handling electricity problems),” added Rosemary Mwihaki.

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“Mkishaanza kuingiza comedy kwa stima ivi, ndio maana huwa ziko (When you begin acting like comedians while dealing with electricity…this is why they are always) on off on off on off, on off on off,,, mko na mchezo sana (you are full of jokes),” opined Analo Luseno.

“Stima hatuna tangu Jana na mko busy kuuza boxers na t-shirts (We haven’t had electricity since yesterday but you are here trying to sell boxers and t-shirts),” said Luc N.

“Hizi ni za kufungia customers tokens ama (will these bags be used to pack tokens for customers or)😁😁😁?” asked John Waweru.

In August 2023, a National Assembly Committee was informed by Auditor General Nancy Githungu that Kenya Power has been inflating electricity bills which saw Kenyans overcharged for power they did not use.

Apparently, a review of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity did not match the actual consumption. The 20 per cent extra money Kenyans were charged was also untraceable.

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