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‘Nothing last forever,’ Obinna bids Kamene farewell on last show

By Beth Nyambura January 27th, 2023 2 min read

Kamene Goro is hosting her last show on Kiss FM today, Friday, January 27.

Her co-host, comedian Oga Obinna has bid goodbye to her in a moving bitter-sweet farewell message.

Obinna noted that it had been a wonderful time working with Kamene for almost one year.

Obinna said that it was great working with Kamene, who has also helped in building his radio career.

“Has it been 10 months already? Seems like last week.🥱😫.You welcomed me to @kiss100kenya and made my transition into morning Radio easy…accommodated my noise, drama, scandals, taught me how to be a baby boy😜, polished my lingua but above all you WAS my shoulder to lean on when everything was going south,” Obinna shared.

Her fans sadly received news of her exit on Thursday, January 19.

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Obinna also heaped praise on Kamene for being his confidant when most of the time the whole world seemed to be against him.

“You were here each morning with warm hugs, smiles, encouragement and cute uncoordinated dances,” he wrote.

Kamene Goro has been working for Kiss FM for the last three years.

Obinna said today would be a tough day for him, as goodbyes and heartbreaks are the hardest.

“Enyewe nothing lasts forever,” he said.

Kamene has not indicated what she will pursue once she leaves Kiss FM, but fans also wish her well.

“Let’s finish on a High… I wish you well and will always be a phone call away…mkiwachana na Afande Nipigie🤣🙈.One LAST show. 2023 imeanza na mbio mbaya I swear…#KAMENEANDOBINNA,” Obinna shared.

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As Kamene exit, the company has sought an equally influential host, Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox who will be joining the team in February.

According to the Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Martin Khafafa, Kwamboka was a great addition to the team, following her over 20 years of experience in the media industry.

“Her addition will give listeners a chance to enjoy bigger, better, more engaging radio,” he said.

“We have a number of stations, the program controllers will incorporate her into the program over the next couple of days,” he added.

Although fans are speculating Kwambox is replacing Kamene’s breakfast show, the company has not made an official statement in regard to that.

We wish Kamene all the very best!

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