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Noti Flow: I’m not sleeping with Moustapha

Sassy Kenyan female rapper Noti Flow has denied rumours that she is sleeping with controversial rapper Col Moustapha.

The two musicians met on the set of socialite TV drama series ‘Nairobi Diaries’ and forged a strong bond.

Since then, they have been spotted countless times hanging out together in malls, club joints and all manner of places.

On their social media pages, they have shared pictures hanging out while in others they appear cozy, a reason that has sent tongues wagging that they were secretly dating.

Nairobi News sought to find the truth of the matter and reached out to the lass via telephone.

“I’m not smashing Moustapha. He is a good friend and we get along in many ways; we share a vision. Actually, Moustapha has just called me, we are supposed to be having a photoshoot together. I know people have been talking about us and the blogs have been busy too, may be that’s what they want to see,” said Noti, known for her skimpy dressing.


Moustapha, who has been in the Kenyan showbiz industry for more than a decade now since starting with the ‘Deux Vultures’, has over the years tried to keep relevance in the game by dropping few raunchy songs here and there like ‘Singida dodoma’ as well as picking beefs with everyone including ex-girlfriends.

Moustapha, who recently treated the petite socialite Michell Yola –the ex of his nemesis CMB Prezzos- to a spa date, has also denied rumors that he is having a thing with the naughty Noti Flow.

Sijampiga lipunda bado but ni kama ndio kitu watu wanataka kuona. (I am yet to take her to bed but seemgly this is what people want to hear about) Moustapha said.