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Noti Flow shares medical appeal for ex-girlfiend King Alami after mystery accident

Kenyan female rapper Natalie Florence aka Noti Flow has shared a medical appeal in support of her ex-lover King Alami who is currently hospitalized at Kenyatta National Hospital.

A social media post by the singer indicates the family of her ex-girlfriend is raising funds to help settle medical bills as she receives treatment for an ailment that has not been made public.

A few days ago, the Foto Moto hitmaker responded to reports her break-up with King Alami was noisy and messy.

Further reports indicate it is the split that led to the fatal accident which King Alami is receiving treatment for.

“Everything is under investigation,” said Noti Flow.

Noti Flow later wrote a long post on her Instagram stories asking people to cease rumor-mongering.

“The family is kindly requesting privacy and prayers as we go through this tough time. My heart is broken, and I’m devastated, but I’m staying positive and prayerful. Kindly do the same. She needs it. Everything will be okay, InshaAllah and we will get to the bottom of this,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Noti stressed that she is ‘not okay’ and asked her friends not to call her as she was not in a position to talk.

Prior to the breakup, the ex-couple had elected to publicize their romance on social media.

Among many gestures, Noti Flow surprised King Alami on her 25th birthday with a brand new car that she claimed cost her Sh1.5 million.

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