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Noti Flow: Why I switched to lesbianism

Kenyan singer Natalie Florence,  also known by the stage name Noti Flow, has opened up on why she opted to date a partner of similar sex, moments after introducing her on social media.

The She don’t know hitmaker claims she’s mostly suffered domestic abuse and physical injuries whenever she dated someone from the opposite sex.

“All (that) men have done is hurt, disappoint, break, cheat, detooth me and just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me,” she claims.

“Over the years I have come to realise that men think that sex is everything and they are possessive. They want to have multiple partners but you as a woman it is an abomination to cheat. I never thought I would be able to share this with you but I am healed now.”

She adds that she reported has been able to press charges against one of her abusers but was let down by a system that isn’t functional.

One more thing, I didn’t have it easy arresting this guy. The system in Kenya is f*** up fr. Saying I’ll just get back in a relationship with the man that beat me that’s why they aren’t bothered with making the arrest… Blah… They’ve seen so many such cases blah. Even getting a P3 was hell! Went back over & over again for about 2 weeks! Why is it so hard for people to do their job efficiently ¿ I almost gave up man,” she adds.

“It’s so hard to get justice especially if you’re not cashing out I can only imagine how many girls/women go through such domestic violence & have failed to get justice due to either lack of money or giving up. I’m calling upon the government, human rights & women rights activists to really do something about this! You need to protect your girls & women.”

One of her most notable romantic relationships is the on-off relationship she had been having with rapper Mustapha.

The two officially called it quits in 2019 after a series of cheating allegations. However, Mustapha during a radio interview claimed that he ended the relationship with Noti Flow because she used to batter him.