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Noti Flow’s ex-lover King Alami’s arm ‘amputated’ after freak accident

King Alami, rapper Noti Flow’s ex-girlfriend, is reported to have had her arm amputated.

“The doctors have had to amputate one arm,” read part of the rapper’s post.

Noti has in the recent past been publicly supporting her hospitalized ex-girlfriend amid reports she is fighting for her life.

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The musician suggested many people are blaming her for an incident that left her ex-girlfriend hospitalized, and making her feel guilty despite the pain she was going through.

Alami reportedly fell in a freak accident. Details of the accident have remained scanty.

“My heart is broken, and I’m devastated, but I’m staying positive and prayerful,” Noti Flow wrote on social media.

Noti Flow further suggested the fall might not have been accidental and that the matter could be treated as a criminal case. 

“I understand y’all are concerned and would like to know but my hands are tied. This is a possible criminal matter and I don’t want to interfere with police investigations,” she added.

Noti Flow also wished Alami a quick recovery in a separate post.

“We are going to pray for you, my baby. We’ve been praying for you day and night. You’re strong my G and you’re still the coolest stud I fell in love with. I love you more every day. Nothing’s changed and I’m with you through it all. I’m here for you forever, my love. Quick recovery, my baby you are loved and cherished,” Noti Flow wrote.

The celebrity couple is famed for having an on-again, off-again romantic relationship that has left their fans bewildered.

On a number of occasions, Noti Flow attempted to end the relationship, leading to her partner creating a  scene on social media with an emotional apology that gets them back together again.