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Noti Flow’s girlfriend King Alami gets third tattoo of the singer

Kenyan songbird Noti Flow has been left dumbfounded after her girlfriend King Alami tattooed her name on her fingers, making it the third tattoo she has of the singer. The Instagram influencer shared a photo of her fingers before and after tattooing Noti Flow’s name.

Alami, however, was met with a myriad of questions from her concerned fans who asked her if Noti also had a tattoo of her on any part of her body, to which Alami responded by posting a photo of Noti’s finger with the name ‘Arman’ tattooed to it.

In May 2021, Alami tattooed Noti’s name on her arm, weeks before the two went public as a couple. The tattoo came months after Alami issued a public apology to Noti over assault claims. The other tattoo is that of Noti’s face that Alami inked on her back.

The pair is known to have a tumultuous relationship that has seen them on and off quite frequently. Nonetheless, they have never shied away from going big to show their undying love for each other.

Just a few months ago, Noti, whose real name is Natalie Florence announced that she was no longer in a relationship with King Alami. Her announcement came barely a month after she gifted King Alami a brand new car, which she said she would not take back as she is not the petty type.

Noti went as far as give details of the events that led to their seperation.

“There were rumors going around that she is an escort. I confronted her but she denied it,” she said.

Determined to find out the truth about her partner, the ‘Foto Moto’ hitmaker said that she secretly followed her partner after leaving their house.

“So last night she told me she was going to her cousin’s birthday party in Westy. I felt she was lying and decided to follow her on the low and yeah, she went to Runda instead. Some big house. Some old baba opened the gate for her, they hugged and kissed,” she wrote.

It, however, is not public knowledge as to when the couple got back together. But from their recent posts it appears all rosy again in their relationship.