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Notorious baby daddy Jimal Rohosafi slams men who promise marriage after pregnancy

Jimal Marlaw, popularly known as Jimal Rohosafi became infamous in Kenya for his affairs outside marriage after she wedded his gorgeous wife, Amira, with Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau the most prominent.

The drama was chaotic, it was messy, it was epic and it was heartbreaking….at the end of the day, GOAT wife Amira won when she left Jimal to restart her life, leaving him for Amber.

But after her exit, whirlwind, hot romance between Amber and Jimal fizzled in the blink of an eye. He wanted his wife back when Amber told him she was pregnant for him- marking her as his first baby mama. Unfortunately, Amber miscarried the baby and she termed it as a bittersweet time because she did not want to become a single mother again, having an older son from a previous failed marriage.

As he and Amber fell out and Amber told it all in a series of YouTube videos, Jimal moved on with his next catch, his employee, Wangari Thiongo. Their followers online warned Wangari about Jimal considering the nationalized humiliation he put Amira through but she wouldn’t listen. She stuck by him and eventually, got pregnant for him. They currently share a young baby girl, her second daughter. This marked her as baby mama number two and they currenly live together with their blended family.

As Wangari played it cool online, blocking naysayers who told her to prepare premium tears, rumors began swirling that Jimal was allegedly canoodling with another of his employees, Anita Kyallo. She would post suggestive photos showing she was spending time with Jimal and at one point, hinted that she was experiencing flu like symptoms only to realize she was pregnant.

“Me after going to the hospital with flu like symptoms and come back with a maternity book,” Ms Kyallo posted on her Instagram a few weeks ago.

Rumors swirled that she was also pregnant for Jimal just after he had welcomed a baby with Wangari as people marked her as baby mama number three. However, as word of their undercover romance gained fever pitch, she came out to deny she had ever been with Jimal despite posting lovey-dovey pictures with him.

But now, the notorious baby daddy has come out to claim women get scammed into getting pregnant after being promised marriage- something he has been known to do.

“Baby, if you get pregnant for me, I will marry you. Don’t allow…it’s a scam, baby girl,” posted Jimal yesterday in a video in which he sang along to a Jidenna song.

His followers read malice in his statement because he is known to ‘marry’ the women he has children with since his infamous relationship with Amber and calling her his wife. Many people went on to wonder if Wangari Thiongo had seen his latest video, reminding her that she needed to run from Jimal.

“Are you attacking yourself?” asked Profy Edy.

“Let me save this for future reference, I will send it to Wangari one day,” added Wambui Macharia.

“This post can turn butterflies you had to acid in the stomach,” opined Sylivia Wambua.

It is important to note that at some point, after Amber broke up with her fiancé, Jimal rushed to her side, promising to give her the world despite Wangari being home nursing their baby. Unfortunately for him, Amber reunited with Kennedy Rapudo and Jimal had to tuck tail and head back home to a publicly angry Ms Thiongo.

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