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Ntimama’s (in)famous quotes remain unbeatable

As the country mourns the passing on of the late William Ole Ntimama, many will remember the politician’s wit, charm and robust laughter.

The deceased former Cabinet Minister was also known for his public utterances that more often than not rubbed him the wrong way with his political adversaries.

Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

“Multipartyism will lead to the domination of smaller tribes by larger ones. Kenya still has a big degree of tribalism. We will probably need another 50 to 60 years to build up a homogeneous society which could then be ready for multipartyism.” – April 28, 1990

“The Ibos of Nigeria were cut to size (sic) and I said the same thing could happen to these tribalists. They could also be cut to size, if this is the utterance that some people are referring to, then I want to reiterate here and now that I will stand by it and I have no regrets about it.” – August, 1990

“Most of the Government-appointed land board officials are “quislings, cultureless, colorless, half-breeds who sell the heritage of their people… for the sake of commissions and other favors.” – September 1996

“The intention of agitators for constitutional reform is not only to cause confusion but also to usurp political leadership from the indigenous Maasai people and to establish majoritarian tyranny and entrench tribal hegemony.” – December 2, 1995

“Go to Ngong, Kiserian and Ongata Rongai. A single community has occupied Maasailand from Ngong to Loitokitok.” – December 2, 1995

“Because our power of pen and paper is limited, we will use a rungu to keep multiparty advocates away.” – September, 1990

“I am telling those whom we have invited to the Rift Valley and who have now come up to Kitale, that our political wishes must be respected. In the African type of politics, there will always be problems with your neighbor if you are not in the same political house.” – January, 1997